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Huge aluminium plants hit by ransomware attack

The Norwegian firm, which employs 35,000 people worldwide, has switched to manual controls at some plants.

Snapchat under scrutiny from MPs over 'addictive' streaks

Executives promise to examine a Snapchat feature which has been criticised as potentially addictive.

US politician Devin Nunes sues Twitter over insults

A Republican congressman said the platform didn't crack down on "defamatory" tweets.

Vote Leave fined over thousands of unsolicited texts

The group could not prove that everybody who received its promotional message had consented.

Facebook: NZ attack video viewed 4,000 times

Facebook says 4,000 people viewed the original attack video and fewer than 200 watched it live.

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For the last eight years I have worked in the IT department interfacing the laboratory instruments directly to the LIS.

I'm trying to learn everything I can about PHP, MySQL, SPRY(AJAX) CSS and Dreamweaver. I'm amazed at the kind of things that can be done with these applications.

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