Stealing Paper Towels and Plastic Bags

There is an older woman, maybe in her late 70s or early 80s that Janet and I have seen a couple of times near the fresh meat department at our local Raley’s grocery store. She will stand near the rolls of paper towels and plastic bags that the store puts out for customers to put their meat in, watching the butcher restocking the meat. As soon as he turns his back, this woman will grab the roll of paper towels and pull down ten or fifteen sheets, tear them off, quickly roll the towels up and stick them in her purse. She then waits until the coast is clear again and does the same thing with the plastic bags. Turning her head to look up and down the aisle to make sure no one saw her, she then walks away like it was her God given right to take as many paper towels as she wants.

We have witness this behavior two or three times now. I’m sure that the store’s personnel know she is doing this and just lets her take whatever she needs. This makes me wonder why people think it is their right to steal things such as paper towels. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve see folks bring in their own cups and fill them with soda at the self-serve fountains at fast food restaurants. I’ve even seen parents do this in front of their children, teaching them that this is ok to do. Why is this ok?

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