Welcome to Ken’s Blog.
Well, probably more like personal observations and tidbits than a diary.

I was born in the town were J. C. Penney started his first store, Kemmerer, Wyo. http://www.kemmererchamber.com/penneys.html. My family moved to California when I was just two years old and I have been here ever since. I graduated from Sacramento State University with a BS in Biological Sciences in 1988 and then did my one year Medical Technologist internship at Community Hospital in Fresno, California.

I’ve worked in a hospital laboratory for ten years as a clinical laboratory scientist and then moved into IT department supporting the laboratory information system (LIS). My main job is interfacing the laboratory equipment to the LIS and application support.

I’m married to a wonderful wife who puts up with me and my warped sense of humor. I tell you it not easy for her. We have three teen-age boys of which I’m very proud.

I’m interested in photography, Adobe Photoshop, website development, programming, biking,  guitar and ham radio (KJ6FFK). Hopefully this blog will allow me to share what I have learned with others.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by.


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  1. Michiko says:

    I like your bit on the Piano festival. So which friend gave you that program booklet? : )

    • KenStites says:

      It was a friend of ours from St. Francis Church. It belonged to her mother and she passed it on to us because she knew we would be interested.

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