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Stand-A-Lone Macro to Document Calls

I have written a macro to document the calling of test results using WinBatch and then complied it into an exe file. Because this macro is an exe file, there are no other programs needed to run it. The call statement is placed into the windows clipboard. The user then just uses Ctrl-v to paste the comment in Sunquest. Placing the statement into the clipboard allows it to be used with SmartTerm or Reflections and can be used in both OEM/MEM and LARS.

  • Macro asks if the test result is a critical result.
  • Macro asks if the user wants to use the system date and time. If not, then the user can enter an earlier date and time.
  • Macro asks if user is using OEM/MEM or LARS


-;Called NA critical result(s) to, and had results read back by Janet, RN. Results called by Ken at 22:02 on 11/10/2009.

Feel free to use this macro if you find it useful.

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