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The Essential Guide To Dreamweaver CS3 with CSS, Ajax, and PHP

There are only to or three computer books that I have read that became references that I used over and over again. One was Access 2 for Dummies, by Scott D. Palmer, 1994. He explained how to use Access record sets that has helped me with many projects at work. Another is Access 2000 Developer’s Handbook, by Ken Getz, Paul Litwin and Mike Gilbert. This is an indispensable reference for Access developers. The third is Blog Design Solutions by Andy Budd, Simon Collison, Chris J. Davis, Michael Heilemann, John Oxton, David Powers, Richard Rutter and Phil Sherry.

I used Richard Rutter’s chapter on “Write Your Own Blog Engine” to write my blog site. I think I found another book to add to my list. I just finished reading from cover-to-cover David Power’s The Essential Guide To Dreamweaver CS3 with CSS, Ajax, and PHP (Friends of ED). Mr. Power’s clear explanations on how to used Dreamweaver’s sever behaviors, their limitations and how to work around them are going to save me endless hours of wasted time and frustrations.

Spry, Abode’s version on Ajax, allows developers to build pages web pages at manipulate XML data without having to refresh the entire web page. But, Spry requires that the user has JavaScript turned on in their web browser and if it not, the page will not display correctly. Also, since the web page is built dynamically, there is nothing on the page that search engines can use for web searches. David Power walks the developer through building a photo gallery using both PHP and Spry on the same page, thus, getting around both of these problems.

The top five new listings from ZDNet that is on my home page was one of the things at David Power illistrated how to setup. I thought it was such a cool idea, I had to try it out right-a-way.

It was truly worth the time spent in reading this book and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in writing dynamic web pages using Dreamweaver.


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