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Apple files stored by teen in 'hacky hack hack' folder

An Australian 16-year-old is in court following a series of intrusions into Apple's internal network.

Body scanners to screen LA subway riders

Passengers will be scanned for explosives and weapons as they enter subway stations.

Elon Musk's interview with the New York Times was not good news for Tesla shares

The Tesla founder said it seemed like "better karma" to offer $420 to take the car maker private.

Google employees criticise 'censored China search engine'

Employees have written to the firm criticising its plans to launch a 'censored Chinese search service'.

Motorola phone 'brazen copy' of iPhone X

Critics have mocked Motorola for "ripping off" Apple's design.

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For the last eight years I have worked in the IT department interfacing the laboratory instruments directly to the LIS.

I'm trying to learn everything I can about PHP, MySQL, SPRY(AJAX) CSS and Dreamweaver. I'm amazed at the kind of things that can be done with these applications.

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